The ABCD of
your digital

Network environments were once like tiny villages. However, as villages have grown into large, interconnected megacities, their digital security has not advanced well enough to meet today's challenges.

Enter ABCD: a mindset to help you think about securing your IT infrastructure, born from years of experience by working for Dutch government institutions and dealing with highly classified information.


ABCD's three main principles are:

Assume Breach
Assume Breach

At some point in time, you network will be breached. Prepare accordingly throughout your organization and adopt a mindset of proactive vigilance.

Risk Assessment

Dealing with hundreds or sometimes thousands of servers and devices, seperating benign from malicous activitity can be quite overwhelming. You must accept that the level of insight into your network is suboptimal.

Continuous Innovation

Keeping up to date with the daily changing world of cyber security is mandatory and requires a proactive attitude and continuous adaptation.




Security begins by hiring only the best professionals.


Want to make a bet?

Everyday, CTOs roll the dice that their security infrastructure is not exposing priceless data, secrets, and resources. Chapter8 tips the odds in your favor, and help you protect your most valuable assets.

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