Every Mission is conducted by a trinity: the hacker, the hunter, and the healer. They work closely together and fully trust upon each other's knowledge and skills.
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The hacker pinpoints weak spots in your technical infrastructure and is NEVER destructive. The hacker converts your crown jewel analysis to PoCs and provides the hunter with essential information to optimise detection.

The hunter can quickly and independently determine which information is needed to determine whether an attacker may already be inside. The hunter pintpoints weaknesses in forensic readiness and incident response processes.

Whereas the hunter and the hacker hunt and attack, the healer converts the results of their work into actionable lessons. The healer has the social skills and technical knowledge needed to include you in the team's findings and explain what is wrong and why.


The Mission

Our Missions take place from the inside out. First, the trinity defines and locates your organization’s most important data and processes based on your crown jewel analysis. Next, they collaborate with your team to further analyse and improve the current security based on actionable templates.

The Crown Jewels

The Timeline

A Mission usually takes four days. The first three days are all about finding weaknesses and severe vulnerabilities. The fourth day is used to create the report of our findings and take the time to explain you what we found and how to improve your security.

After having received the report, you might need someone to help you patch your system or write some additional or new software. Don’t worry, we have got you covered there as well.

The Mission



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