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The Dutch defense industry is responsible for a lot of sensitive information from the Ministry of Defense. This makes sense because this industry performs sensitive assignments for Defense, for which it needs this information.


Because of this sensitivity, the defense industry is subject to certain conditions: the General Security Requirements for Defense Assignments (or in Dutch: ABDO), which are tested and applied by the Industrial Security Bureau (or in Dutch: Bureau Industrieveiligheid). Cybersecurity is an important part of these requirements. In a previous career, one of the founders of Chapter8 contributed to the development of this industry standard. In addition, Chapter8 has a background in intelligence and security services.

Given Chapter8's background, we can provide consultancy to companies in the Dutch defense industry regarding the implementation and/or verification of all aspects of the ABDO (including the delivery of a security plan) and any non-Dutch standards such as CMMC. We can also provide support in designing physical and digital environments where the Protected Interests (TBB) from TBB1 to TBB4 can be stored securely.

ABDO Consultancy, like the CISO Hotline, is agreed upon for a limited (± 5) number of hours per month for an initial period of six months, or for as long as it takes to obtain ABDO authorization.

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