CISO Hotline

Suppose, during an actual incident, you are inundated with information on the basis of which you have to give advice under high pressure from your board, while the incident itself also needs to be managed. As a liaison, a sparring partner can help keep an overview, separate the wheat from the chaff and ask the right questions.


Suppose a critical vulnerability comes to light in a product that you use. Are you also vulnerable and if so, what is a good next step? Update immediately, take the product offline or have further research carried out?

We offer the CISO Hotline for situations like this. A subscription form in which you are guaranteed to call on our expertise within the hour.

As a sparring partner, we help you to assess the situation. Of course we can carry out or support (limited) technical research. The CISO Hotline is a subscription form for a limited number of hours (± 5 hours) per month for an initial duration of six months. A quarterly CISO Hotline subscription is included with every Purple Team Mission.


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