Continuous Purple Teaming

Continuous Purple Teaming (CPT) is comparable to a Purple Team Mission, but it requires a minimum level of security maturity within your organization. This means that logging and monitoring of security incidents and alerts should already be in place. You should have processes to react to incidents and be able to follow up on alerts of possible security breaches. During CPT, Chapter8 will explore and test many scenarios relevant to your threat level, which in turn will help you improve your measures to counter these attacks.

Continuous Purple Teaming

Chapter8 will support your organization for a longer period of time, usually for a year. This offers many benefits, such as simulating real threats over a longer period of time and testing multiple attack scenarios. And the better we get to know your organisation, the more tailor-made our advice will be. With CPT it is possible to continuously expose new and vulnerable ways an attacker can obtain or is able to disrupt the crown jewels of your organization.

The real benefit is the way Chapter8 will be able to really collaborate with and train the defenders of your organization and extensively improve your forencic readiness. To monitor improvement, Chapter8 will produce a montly management report. This includes newly found vulnerabilities and it will elaborate on how the organization reacted to the Red Team exploiting those vulnerabilities. Our commitment is usually one to three man-days a week.

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