Continuous Purple Teaming Partnership

If you are responsible for the digital security of a (medium) large company, have an idea of what should be done to make the organization more digitally resilient and the management wants to invest, the road to actual resilience is often long. The desired end state often extends across multiple business units, each with their own operational needs.


As a Security Partner, we help you by working together at a strategic level on a Security Roadmap and ensuring that it is translated into tactical and operational recommendations for people, technology and processes. Naturally, this goes hand in hand with keeping your day-to-day business operations efficient and effective. This can, for example, lead to the following spectrum of activities:

  • Drawing up attack scenarios and testing digital defenses
  • Feedback on (external) Security tests
  • Sparring about cybersecurity issues
  • Triage in the event of cybersecurity incidents
  • Feedback on IT infrastructure design
  • Increasing awareness of cybersecurity
  • Identifying and (helping) improve organizational bottlenecks
  • Short threat hunts: limited digital research into traces of attackers
  • Installing digital 'trip wires' in your network

Achieving the Security Roadmap requires continuous effort. That is why a CPTP has a total number of hours, which can be deployed flexibly (usually one to three (man) days a week). Chapter8 is at your disposal throughout the year during CPTP. The extent to which your organization is progressing will be announced to you in monthly management reports. The CISO Hotline is part of CPTP.


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