The benefits of true collaboration between a Red and Blue Team become visible in a Purple Team Mission. To optimize the learning effect for the defenders within your organization, our Hackers will adapt their attacks and techniques towards the current level of your defenders. A Purple Team Mission can best be compared with a sparring session.


At the beginning of a Mission, the Red Team will begin the reconnaissance phase from a pre-defined, agreed upon and usually very low privileged starting point within your infrastructure and attempt to move towards your crown jewels. During these steps the Hackers have frequent communication with the Blue Team. They will inform the Hunter of the actions taken and share their steps and current location as they move closer and closer towards the crown jewels.

The Hunter is in close contact with the defenders and technical people of your organization to share the actions of the Red Team and to test your forensic readiness. In case there is a lack of logging and monitoring, the Hunter is capable of setting up a temporary Security Operations Center (SOC) to start monitoring the crown jewels. This way the Mission will have an optimal result and you will see the benefits of decent logging.

During the Mission, the Healer is the primary contact for your organization. He helps the Hackers find useful and sensitive information, supports the Hunter when needed, writes the report and presents the results of the Mission to the technical staff and C-level management of your organization.


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