The benefits of true collaboration between a Red and Blue Team become visible in a Purple Team Mission. To optimize the learning effect for the defenders within your organization, our Hackers will adapt their attacks and techniques towards the current level of your defenders. A Purple Team Mission can best be compared with a sparring session.


In our Purple Team Missions, the collaboration between digital attackers and defenders really comes into its own. During the Mission, the Hacker adapts his offensive techniques to the level of your defenders to optimize the learning effect for your organization. The Mission can therefore best be compared to a sparring session in martial arts.

During the Mission, the Hacker moves from predetermined starting points within your infrastructure to your crown jewels and has intensive contact with the Hunter to let you know where he is and what actions he takes to penetrate deeper into the network.

The Hunter works closely with your organization's technical staff to test and improve the level of forensic readiness based on the Hacker's actions both on operational and tactical level. Don't have a mature logging and monitoring solution? Then Hunter rigs a HunterBox (our open-source Security Operations Center) on the spot around your crown jewels so that you can get the most out of the Mission and learn what decent logging and monitoring can do for you.

The Healer is the primary contact person during the Mission, helps the Hacker search through found data for sensitive information, supports the Hunter where desired, consults the board, writes the final report and presents the Mission Results to both technical personnel and management of your organization.

The Mission takes two weeks from start to delivery of the final report, which consists of a Mission Report, Recommendations and a Walkthrough. An extensive intake, including the crown jewel analysis, takes place a few weeks prior to the Mission.


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