TIBER-EU Training

This framework, developed by the European central banks, is used in more and more places. TIBER-EU tests the entire organization with realistic threat-based attacks. A Red Teaming Provider simulates an actual attack that fits the threat assessment drawn up by the Threat Intel Provider. After the test, the Blue Team of the organization is updated by the Red Team Provider. A TIBER-EU test can sometimes take several months and is a costly affair. If Red Teaming becomes mandatory for your organization, then your organization might have to perform a full TIBER-EU test once every three years.

TIBER-EU Training

To properly prepare you for the TIBER-EU test, Chapter8 provides TIBER-EU training. During this training, the Hacker, Healer and Hunter will run through a realistic attack scenario - similar to a Mission or the actual TIBER-EU test - with your organization. The Hacker takes on the role of the Red Team Provider but, unlike TIBER-EU, requires some degree of access to your IT infrastructure.

The TIBER-EU training starts with an extensive intake, a full crown jewel analysis and choosing one or two realistic attack scenarios for your organization.

Good agreements are then made about cooperation with the Blue Team. The Hunter supports and trains the Blue Team: your organization's defenders, usually the IT team, support desk, SOC, or an external organization that may manage and monitor your IT for you. Where in a TIBER-EU test the Blue Team is initially unknowing of the simulated attack, our training emphasizes even more on adequately detecting, responding to and handling a digital attack than in a Purple Team Mission.

Check out the official TIBER-EU website here.


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