Who is Chapter8?

Chapter8 was founded in 2020 by three ex-employees of the Dutch General and Military Intelligence and Security Services.

Our years of experience in classified environments have taught us that an attacker will eventually be able to penetrate your network. That will be the moment when your resilience is really put to the test. Our Purple Team approach is therefore much more than a technical operation: it is a hands-on digital crisis exercise for your organization.

Chapter8's unique combination of backgrounds - Joint Sigint Cyber Unit (JSCU), National Bureau of Connection Security (NBV) and Bureau Industrial Safety (BIV) - ensures thorough knowledge of the interests to be protected and the associated standards.

Where the interests to be protected are high, we feel at home.

Pepijn Vissers

Pepijn has built up more than twenty years of experience at leading Dutch organizations in the field of digital security. He started out as a forensic investigator, ethical hacker, security consultant and teacher. To make society safer on a larger scale, he exchanged the commercial field for the national government, graduated as a criminologist (MSc), conducted research into various forms of cybercrime and supervised several successful national public-private partnerships.

Pepijn is a much sought-after speaker, who strongly believes in the power of collaboration and feels just as much at home in a boardroom as behind the console.

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Bert de Jong
de Jonghunter

Bert has well over a decade of experience defending top government and industry networks. Starting as a SOC analyst, his passion for cyber security grew and led him down several interesting paths at among others the National Cyber Security Center and the Ministry of Defense. During that time, he expanded his knowledge of blue teaming with computer forensics and ethical hacking.

He is a firm believer that a blue team member needs to think like an attacker to efficiently defend against and hunt for threats.

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Jan Willem Veldhuis
Jan Willem

Jan Willem's passion for cybersecurity was sparked in 2004 after finding a critical vulnerability. In the years that followed, he expanded his knowledge of cybersecurity by actively contributing to software development, the secure implementation of software within company networks and by guiding companies in detecting data breaches. By specializing in DevSecOps as a member of an elite cybersecurity team, he has contributed to the digital protection of Dutch national security.

From 2015, Jan Willem rapidly expanded his area of expertise into red teaming as the coordinator of this elite cybersecurity team by attending various highly regarded cybersecurity training courses at conferences such as Blackhat and Defcon.

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Tom Wolters

Tom has been working with technology for decades. He has gained extensive experience in developing web and mobile applications. His passion for cyber security took great shape and in recent years grew into a unique set of offensive and technical skills. He worked for years as a professional and freelance hacker. In addition, he found zero-days in the evenings and is part of many important coordinated vulnerability disclosures at vulnerable organizations. Tom has significantly increased digital security at many companies and government agencies in recent years.

Tom is a true autodidact with a lot of perseverance and a strong set of communication and technical skills. He is able to find impact vulnerabilities and explain them in understandable language.

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