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Chapter8 professionals are drawn from the highest levels of the security industry, and have been tasked with protecting the digital security of nation states.

Pepijn Vissers - 123fotografie


healer Healer

Pepijn brings more than twenty years of experience to the table when it comes to leading Dutch organizations in the field of digital security. For years he has worked as a digital forensic investigator, ethical hacker, security consultant and teacher. To make society safer on a larger scale, he traded the commercial field for the national government, led investigations into various forms of cybercrime, supervised several successful national public-private partnerships and left an important mark on the detection of digital crime.

Before focusing full-time on Chapter8, Pepijn graduated as a criminologist and was involved as a coordinating advisor in processes involving the digital protection of Dutch national security. Pepijn is a much sought-after speaker, who firmly believes in the power of cooperation and feels just as at home in a boardroom as behind the console.

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Jan Willem Veldhuis - 123fotografie

Jan Willem Veldhuis

hacker Hacker

Jan Willem's passion for cyber security started more than seventeen years ago. In the years that followed, he expanded his cyber security knowledge by actively developing software and guiding companies in detecting data leaks. By specializing in the field of DevSecOps while working as a member of an elite cybersecurity team, he has contributed to the digital protection of Dutch national security.

Jan Willem is now an internationally recognized cyber security expert. From 2015, Jan Willem has been at the helm of various IT projects at national level where his drive to always be up-to-date of the latest developments provided powerful solutions. Jan Willem is known for his unique approach in solving complex issues and knows how to convert the technical blueprint of the software architect into a workable solution that fits your demand.

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We only hire the best

Chapter8 was founded on the principle that good security starts with hiring the best people. This is because systems are only as strong as the nodes that comprise them. At Chapter8, we draw talent from a deep network of professionals who have been vetted by the most selective processes for skill, professionalism and discretion. Every member of our team has been tested under pressure, and with the security of national-level resources on their shoulders.

We achieve true defense-in-depth by ensuring that every professional we bring to a task is qualified to handle the entire process. No weak links.

We only hire the best


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